mjj (flemmings) wrote,

So, A's last day at work before she leaves to have her baby. I shall miss her bright eyes and sweet smile, because she's a very sweet person. I still have the paper rose with a lollipop in the centre that she gave everyone for Christmas year before last.

But oddly I'm more touched by S, who called the other day asking me to do her shift this morning. 'C can do the lunch shift if you like- I don't want to ask too much.' Which was thoughtful, since lunch involves carrying heavy things up and down stairs. But what undid me was that she ended with 'Thanks, Jeannie' (that's pronounced Zhanny for those who read phonetically.) That's what my aunts used to call me, way back in the '90s. S could be my granddaughter, but she made me feel young again.
Tags: hasui, rl_15

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