mjj (flemmings) wrote,

ETA: Ha! So that's what the invert function is in photoshop. Look here to see inverted Tenpou and inverted Kenren. And Kanzeon being uhh well Kanzeon, from the back pages of vol 2.

FWIW the Kenren frontispiece is the same in both editions of Gaiden 1, just has thinner lines in the new version. The colour pages that start the book have more colour in them- Nataku appears against a blood red background- and a tendency to the browns she's shown so much love of in her art books. Goujun now looks like yellow ivory, Kanzeon is yellow-brown rather than peach. I'm not quite the fan of it myself.

Have my new Gaidens courtesy of shiny_monkey. If I may ask the Chinese here present about this picture-- I looked at it and said Zhuge Liang and then said no wait didn't he have a horsetail fan? So who's Tenpou being in this pic?
Tags: 3k, saiyuki_gaiden
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