mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Joys propos'd

Pooh. The Masked City has been pushed back to early December. Ah well, shall have it in time for Christmas.

The new 100 Demons will be out July 7, and Wild Adapter 8 on the 25th. Hesitating over the latter: it's been so long and the yen is so high and I still don't have Reload Blast 2. Things that belong to ten years ago or more in the past grow pale, even at my age.

Speaking of which, my ambit grows narrower. Proved by me bicycling down to the forgotten lands south of Queen on Yonge in search of shoes that fit. Which may have found, but the lovely New Balance boats that support me so beautifully have indeed been redesigned in a narrower make, even if the model number is the same. At least this store had a knowledgeable and patient saleswoman, so in future shoe-buying will require a subway trip. That end of the world is unbikable, even more so than it was five years ago and in spite of useful bike lanes on Adelaide and Richmond forcibly separated from the car lanes by upright spikes. They end at York St, just as construction and trucks force you over to the streetcar tracks. But nice while they lasted.
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