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Even monkeys fall from trees - Off the Cliff

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Mon Jun 15th, 2015

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07:49 pm - Even monkeys fall from trees
So comes a notice in the mail from TO Water saying the last bill is overdue please pay. I'm sure I did pay it. $110.67, due May 25, as per original bill now filed in um well the lamp to the left of the desk. (It has three bulbs resting on cups resting on poles of varying lengths and the three poles are just the right distance apart to hold papers.) Go into online banking, try to get it to give me transactions for May, find them- there, 110.67 paid May 4 to... Toronto Hydro? Rustle through bills again. Toronto Hydro bill, due May 5, for 110.67. But- but- but- I scan list of transactions again. *There*!! another 110.67, paid May 11, to... Toronto Hydro.

Now it may be because Water Rates is just above Hydro in my list of payees, or it may be an access of American Brane. But in any case, I have now paid my water rates, and may look forward to a laughable Hydro bill in July. Unless we get a heat wave that requires AC.

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