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Mid-60sF isn't that cold-- is occasionally t-shirt weather-- but today is cool and rainy. If not for rain, I'd have worn a hoodie and jacket, maybe; as it is, I wore my winter jacket over a t-shirt and was just fine thanks.

Actually I wore rain pants and plastic slicker to my aunt's birthday dinner, and stripped them off in the Ladies. B'day dinner was alright as these things go, but they've abolished the luverly buffet and left you with a three-choice menu for lunch. Had smoked salmon and bagel, sighing over the bacon rashers of yesteryear; the rest of the menu was stuff I get at work, dear god- veggie omelettes and quinoa salad. Listened to raconteur cousin raconte his enviable travelling lifestyle- when we were in Malaga, when I was in Donegal, 'and then we took a trip down through Sicily, which was amazing- all the Greek temples there are in better shape than the ones in Greece.' Ah, to have money and a genki partner, how nice it would be.
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