mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Karen Memory

Well, that was a fun fluff happy piece of steampunk. It's unfair of me to expect it to deal with Deep Issues; I wouldn't if anyone else had been the author. But Bear does naff along about deep issues so much that one almost blames her for writing happy fluff. Wherein the bad guys, like ninja in any schlock samurai TV series, escape unharmed from a dynamite explosion a few feet away from them, without any kind of explanation at all as to how they did it.

Does not help that I never had any idea how those elevated streets and ladders worked. We are building up the streets so that they're at third floor height but the front entrance to any building is 30 feet down in a trench and you can't reach it except by ladder? So what's the point of having elevated sidewalks? Why not just build them up to 3rd floor level and leave the house with sub-basements? Are they built up at the back of the house or are all houses 30 feet down on all sides?

We won't even mention the sewing machine...

I am however delighted to know that U.S Marshal Bass Reeves was a real person. I wouldn't mind a series about him, on the lines of Nini Mo The Coyote Queen.
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