mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"A day on which one did something slightly unusual"

Patched the study floor where my rolling desk chair has gouged a deep hole not merely in the industrial linoleum tile but the two inch planking beneath it. We shall see if this works- takes a few hours to dry and then I'm supposed to sand it (and then put new tile on top, which is not happening). But it calls itself cement, so possibly I'll be able to roll my chair over it in peace.

Then went for a swim at the local club, where I haven't been in four years in spite of good intentions. Didn't actually swim- walked in water as physiotherapist advises. Did this for maybe ten minutes and then was bushed. However if it lets me walk on land again, am prepared to continue the practice, especially if it stays warm enough that I can bike there in just a dress over my bathing suit, which simplifies changing etc. immensely. Today wasn't quite that warm, but the theory is it will be shortly.

Am not a fan of Elizabeth Bear, either as a writer or a person, but Karen Memory is keeping me pleasantly occupied. I fear we're coming to the point where All Goes Wrong and people must be rescued from the evil sadistic badguy, which is where I start to skim; but maybe she'll do something different for a change.
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