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1. Nursing friend slept over Saturday night and had to be up at 6, so naturally I woke at that hour and was able to send her out into the rain with a borrowed umbrella and a croissant for the road. Monday as I was falling back asleep from a bathroom visit got a 7:15 call for an 8:30 shift. Today had only a 10 am appointment, so set my clock for 9 just to be on the safe side, went to bed at 11:30 certain of waking with the light as ever, and was ripped from a sound sleep by the alarm. Have been a bit fuzzy all day in consequence.

2. Planted beet and squash seeds weeks back; seeds were discouraged by the near-freezing temps in the second and third weeks of May, to say nothing of a fortnight-plus drought. This weekend was torrential rain and 28 on Saturday and equally torrential rain if a mere 11C Sunday, and everything has sprung up several inches. Irises are out all over the neighbourhood, as they should be. Allergies are also redivivus, alas.

3. It appears I spent March and April and half of May reading Pema Chodron (with the exception of some Toby Dayes near the end of the latter month.) Some time in the last two weeks I began reading again, so I actually have some stats for May:

Gail Carriger, Prudence
Sasaki Mizue- A Personal Sketch
Rick Kennedy- Home, Sweet Tokyo
Yang Hsien-Yi and Gladys Yang- Stories about Not Being Afraid of Ghosts
L.M. Montgomery- Pat of Silver Bush
Ze, 1-11

Currently have several books on the go and Karen Memory just arrived at the library. Shall read Pratchett's essays instead. Or shall I? Like that bookstore owner, I want something of pterry's in reserve for when he's not around anymore, and he's not around anymore. Maybe I will read him slowly.
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