mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The government giveth and the government taketh away

Come home to new property tax bill, bumped up a heart-stopping $80 per installment. Reading the fine print, discover that $240 is the total of this year's increase; they just tack it on to the second installment in a lump sum, I fancy the better to induce you to let them into your bank account with monthly automatic withdrawals. Not happening. *I* intend to apply for tax and water relief: except the application forms, which the webpage still says will be available mid-May, and the personage I talked to mid-May said would come with my tax bill at the start of June, will apparently not be available till mid-June, if then, according to the personage I talked to today. The deadline for application is August 31, and you still must pay taxes in full until they consider your case. Delay the application's appearance for a month or so and you'll probably lose claimants. Oh clever government!

OTOH also received the official kind of envelope cheques come in, when no cheque should be forthcoming at this point (or ever, because everything should be direct deposit.) 'Ontario senior homeowners' property tax grant' to the tune of $500. Kerblonx! 'Applications for the grant must be made each year, using the income tax and benefit return.' Bless my accountant; I don't think he even mentioned that he'd applied for it. But very welcome indeed. Truly, being 65 is like Christmas all year round, as far as benefits are concerned. Have never had a job with benefits, so having prescriptions and eye exams paid for- even if most things (cough cough dentists cough) are not-- seems wonderful to me.
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