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In spite of severe thunderstorm watches, the day was as dry as the last fortnight has been, but windy with it. The maples shed their everythings, among them the dry beige seedlings that are shaped like cherry petals. No one ever gets poetic about a 'maple seedling blizzard' but the sight can be quite breathtaking.

My squash seeds have sprouted. Should probably water them again, since God won't do it for me. Also, in news that means nothing to anyone but me, Manning Ave (the next street east of here) is now paved. Manning is my preferred bike route to work but has been a scarred network of service cuts for ohh at least a decade, a pain to bicycle down (or up, for the one block when it changes direction.) So I was overjoyed when I read that Toronto Works intended to pave it from Bloor to Dupont. Of course that meant they took off the surface and left the road corrugated for several weeks, requiring me to get off the bike and walk it every time I crossed, because corrugating leaves the kind of scattered stones that love to jerk a bike wheel off-balance. But now I may fly down its length without jarring my teeth and involuntarily ringing my bell as before. Now if only they'd tackle Brunswick...

Picked up a couple of LM Montgomeries some time back and started one on Monday. The Suck Fairy has been at LM Montgomery. Overuse of the word 'dear' to describe bloody everything: flowers, plates, kittens, chairs, you name it. Often coupled with the pillow word 'little'. How could I have been blind to such tweeness in my childhood?
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