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1. Ruthlessly pruning the cherry tree doesn't seem to have discouraged it from producing fruit in the least. I can see hundreds of little green nubbins just waiting to ripen and fall rotting to the ground. Two doors up has a scare-raccoon alarm, a rather annoying shrill beeeep that sounds every minute or so. I assume it discourages the raccoons, but it also seems to discourage the squirrels (good) and birds (bad), so I can't expect the neighbourhood fowls to strip my tree for me. Ah well. Maybe last night's near-frost will blight the fruit, but I rather doubt it: we're in for 25 and 27+ highs the next four days.

2. Read the last two volumes of Ze on Thursday, all happy in the sunshine of a forgotten world, and then the first four volumes last night. And um well- some answers were OK, some suggest she forgot her own settei between books 1 and 11 (Kotoha is Shoui's cousin once removed, not his older brother, and I don't think his father stuck around to train him in kotodama use.) And while it's all 'oh magnificent Rikiichi, how we still miss him', and while Waki does seem to play the Mitou family's emotions like a violin to get them to be decent to their kami, we're still dealing with a pair of amoral mass murderers. Not sure why I still like this series so much, but I do.

3. Four years ago almost to the day I got up one Saturday morning and had my knee give out beneath me. Same thing happened yesterday, only I had a slew of appointments and a shift. Made it through the day with the help of brace and anti-inflammatories, but am annoyed. These physio exercises make things hurt worse. Acupuncturist says alas that that's the way of it and be patient and some day I may be able to walk again without a cane or, even better, a bicycle for stability. *I* think I'm headed for walker-land.
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