mjj (flemmings) wrote,

In a funk

A sudden heavy shower this morning and white petals whirled down from cherry and plum, nature exactly imitating Pound's 'apparition of these faces in the crowd'. A short season and a small scentless crop, but two doors down's spreading branches still glow at night the way mine used to, sniff. To balance, the lilac has a dozen or more flowers waiting to bloom, first time since it was cut back in '09.

For two months I've played no online solitaire. Opened it once or twice, found it futile, closed it. Am back to shallow loose-end when I want to play solitaire again- preferably addiction solitaire, for which I don't have the right flash player. Fortunately, or I'd be doing it for hours. This is what warm weather megrims do to me. Cannot now remember what I did instead of playing solitaire. Cleaned the house, I suppose. No longer want to do that, of course, and not just because the dust adds to the pollen allergy malaise. Must do that because ants are back. Put down peppermint oil, which supposedly confuses them, but then remember I loathe the smell of peppermint. Maybe I should try tea tree oil instead.

Moldering corpses- in non-dust housekeeping, went through several never-used folders in my bookmarks to see what was there and to delete the dead wood. Time travel indeed: right back to 2002, a place I do not wish to be.

Intrigued to discover that 'in a funk' means what we'd call depressed, because I always understood it as 'worked up, anxious.'

Cooler next week, though if we (or anybody in the GTA) gets the low of 3C Environment Canada is predicting for Wednesday night, I shall be very surprised indeed.
Tags: language, rl_15

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