mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I shall mention that I watched Advent Children tonight in an odd stop-and-go DVD with English and Swedish subtitles. All I know of FF7 comes from translating djs lo these many years ago. (So many years ago that I feel quite nostalgic about it now.) This is a good thing because, as I discovered while googling for extra info without which the film is just a tad obscure, yes? the original graphics for the game are little short of giggle-worthy. The unsettling eerieness of AC's look is still preferable to these cute chibi guys in their brite colours.

Also no-one commenting on Gojou's five most lovable traits mentions that he reads on the john, but we actually have Minekura's word for that.

Also my mouse has gotten quite genki all of a sudden and overhighlights whenever I highlight. I have dark suspicions that this is somehow linked to the computer having arbitrarily decided that it will once again turn off screen and hard drive after 30 minutes as instructed. It used to, then it stopped, now it does again. HAL approaches sentience. Tremble.
Tags: anime, saiyuki
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