mjj (flemmings) wrote,

When I wasn't reading Buddhism this last month, I was reading the last three Toby Daye books. Which were, well, um? Yes, I'm a suck for backstory, and yes there was *some*, but not nearly enough to scratch all the itches. I still don't know the whole story on Simon, or what happened to Luna or Rayseline, and somehow I thought this was going to be the Great Revelation that Told All. But in the end we just have Surprise!badnasty now secured off somewhere for the time being, just as Last Book's Badnasty is-- well, no longer secured, are they? Someone made off with the body of evidence IIRC, and since it was a library book I'm not even sure whether they were defunct or just comatose.

But that's the Toby Daye books. Never quite what I want but enough to keep me reading. (If only everyone didn't sound alike. Tybalt and Toby may speak High Style and Low, but they're saying exactly the same things when they do it.)
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