mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Sic transit, fortunately

The Metro Theatre, Toronto's last porn palace (who knew?) sits next to the big Korean supermarket and across the street from Hanin Drugstore of happy memory, with the post office outlet and the good French soap and everything you could ever want, that broke my heart by closing in '11. (A little digging says that abusing the Ontario Drug Benefits plan may have been a contributing factor.) I never saw anyone go inside the Metro, obviously. At one point there was a sign advertising batteries and body parts, and a guy in front of me in the drugstore line-up said 'Who'd go into a porn theatre to buy car batteries?' which struck me as a fair question. This must have been a good ten years ago; in later years there weren't enough customers for lineups at the cash. There's a story there, obviously.

My current Buddhist study place is also across the street from the Metro (same bldg as ex-pharmacy, third floor.) Last week noticed the marquee was gone, sexy lady and all, and the entrance boarded up. This week discover the Metro will become a climbing gym. Which I would no more go into than a porn theatre, but may be a step upwards, if you'll pardon the expression.
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