mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Life's minor pleasures

Today was a Day; was supposed to have been dentist and acupuncture and a display of screens at the Japan Society, but then someone became ill and it turned into dentist, curtailed acupuncture, and late shift on stiff and aching knee. So I feel quite justified in having bought homogenized! milk- 3.25% when 2% is a luxury and 1% what I ought to be drinking; and cheddar/ potato pierogies for those evenings when all I want is starch and fat; and a bottle of wine. Then cooked fish in the wine and ate that with asparagus and mushrooms, very healthily; but the other is there for when I want it.

Now to bed with beanbags, and up in the morning to the doctor, and that will be the worst of the week over.
Tags: food

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