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Hopefulness - Off the Cliff

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Fri Apr 24th, 2015

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10:17 pm - Hopefulness
The guys I called last Sunday from a flyer on a telephone pole came and rebuilt my front steps today. Older of the two said 'this will last longer than you.' I am hoping he's right. Shall know tomorrow when I can walk on the steps again.

S-i-l intends to cut back the plum tree, or have her grandson do it. At the moment the trunk is on my side of the lot line but all the branches have been forced over on to my brother's, so she may saw with impunity. I may not have many plum blossoms this year, but one must be Buddhist about these things. (Also grandson may not show up this weekend, and the blossoms should be out by next.)

For sure, I can plant sun-loving vegetables in my swimming pool now. Maybe I'll try for squash again.

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