mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The last state of the update is always worse than the first

Firefox has been a nuisance since the plug-ins became outdated-- constant reminders, constant prompts, pages that don't load- so I carefully copied my version to a separate directory in Program Files and then updated to 4. Didn't work: somehow both have been updated. Both still tell me my plug-ins are out of date. But where 3.whatever would tell me which ones, clicking on 'update your plug-ins' in 4 gives you 'update your firefox' period full stop. Or click this icon that doesn't exist in 4.0 and it will tell you what plug-ins you have.

And the sub-directories in my Bookmarks folders (blogs, dictionaries, etc) now display to the left in a narrow column. Have had to shove icons from the navigation bar to the menu bar so that 'bookmarks' is far enough over to the right to give me readable space on the left.
Tags: techy

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