mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Well, whatever else I was doing these last few days, dishes wasn't a part of it. I collect china bowls (usually from the Front Lawn Dollar store) and have at least seven by now. This morning I had to eat my cereal out of one of the Japanese lacquer ones, because the others were piled in the sink. All is clean now, but times I wish I had a dishwasher.

The week so far has been virtuously devoted to accountants (my tax refund shrinks year by year, possibly because my stocks are making money or at least accumulating capital gains), dentists, and doctors. All of which am glad to have over with. Wandering relief workers return from their wanderings and I may be allowed to give my complaining lower back a rest for a while. Am ambivalent about that: spring melancholy bites hard in April and shrieking babies at least keep one distracted from it for a bit.

But I suppose it's time I started to deal with spring melancholy as well as everything else. Have joined a Buddhist seminar/ class that meets on Sundays and am endeavouring not to pre-judge (and dismiss) it just because I still haven't found a comfortable way to sit for extended periods with scoliosis, and the practices fail to entertain me. Patience is also a Buddhist virtue.
Tags: health, religion, rl_15

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