mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Disturbed days, disturbed nights

The wind, it plies the saplings double: early spring wind that regularly keeps me from bicycling to various places because wind tunnels.

Same wind (I am assuming) knocked bicycle over at work yesterday. It was upright when I came out to get it- some kind Samaritan?- but the front handlebars, brake cables etc were twisted twice around, which I had not thought possible, and the front wheel was distinctly bent: every half spin it popped the brake pads and made them clench. Bike limp- first ever observed. (There was also a deeper dent in the shaft, caused last time by someone trying to wrench the lock off. Will assume it was wind again dragging body down against lock and not incipient thief.) Whatever, new(ish) bike store on s. side of Bloor fixed it in a half hour; but Old Paint is showing its age indeed and doesn't balance as well as it did a decade ago.

(Nor do any of us. Oddly, I balance better now than eight years ago, due to lost weight. Alas, April allergies and stuffed ears cancel that out too- some day I'm going to fall, is why I try to be mindful of where I put my feet. Small rugrats dashing in front of me right under my nose and hence out of my range of vision do not help.)

Thought to console me with snug sleep in the guest bedroom last night. Massive failure- broken sleep and leg cramps, and I thrashed about so much I got me completely turned around, couldn't figure why feet were connecting with wall, couldn't tell where side of bed was: rather nightmarish. Followed by 8 am phone call Can you do my 9 shift? Let us hope for quieter tonight, and a painless photo day tomorrow.
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