mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Have had a busy weekend but can't say at all what I did. This is partly 'living in the moment' practice, where I *don't* make lists of my accomplishments. However, a lot of papers involving a lot of past got tossed in the recycle: notebooks with lists of figures, which were the dimensions of scanned dj pages waiting to be added to the html coding back in 2000; a thick stack of letters in Japanese to and from YYH circles ordering various new djs for Julie in the late 90s; 'perfect books' for series like Tactics and Puff magazines with articles on Angel Sanctuary and Rurou ni Kenshin; letters and photos from daycare acquaintances dated to 1990. A quarter century is long enough to keep some things.

I may have said before that the most sensible thing I did on returning from Japan was to reorganize my libraries, upstairs and down. I don't recall getting rid of books, but I'm doing that now. A good four feet of art books have been sold to BMV, people and things I'm not going to want to look at much, like Bosch and Brueghel and Hokusai and Kuniyoshi's samurai prints and Hiroshige's fishes (*and* his stations of the Tokaido. Hiroshige either drew a lot of dreck, or the landscape of 19th century Japan was nothing to write home about. And since his Famous Views of Edo have a pretty high proportion of stunning, I'll blame the landscape.)
Tags: art, rl_15

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