mjj (flemmings) wrote,

So my cell phone,which presented me last night with a blank screen, is not dead either: it was just resting. I am relived, but would still like to know how it got into 'hibernate' mode without me doing anything. I trust the clerk was correct when he said hibernate and not 'the thing that gives you graphics got switched off.' However, if this happens again, I am to hold the start button down for ten seconds and that should revive it.

Attended my first group meditation session today, or rather, instruction for group meditation. They let you sit on chairs if needed but that still makes my hip and ITB ache in shortish order. The actual meditation parts, attending to breath and posture, were only five minutes, so a certain amount of core work is going to be needed if I'm ever to manage one of the 30 minute sessions. But it is indeed easier to meditate with a bunch of other people, something I'd rather doubted.* And of course, since enlightenment is not going to happen this lifetime, my main motivation is to find a local crowd I can hang out with, people who share my interests, and who are, umm, also trying to practise charity and generosity, which might make them easier to get along with than, well, people who aren't. Naming no names, as ever, but Torontonians are not known for their sweet and open natures.

*It's easiest to meditate lying on one's back, warm under the covers, IMO. Or at least walking about the neighbourhood, feeling one's footsteps.
Tags: religion, rl_15, techy

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