mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Meds are narcolepsy-inducing, but last night was made worse by a series of power outages. No matter how doped I may be, I start awake when my white noise maker of season (humidifier currently, window fan the rest of the year) suddenly stops dead. The scars of 2003 are deep deep deep. A minute later the purring returned, as ever, and I saw the strange new phenomenon of my recharging cell phone lighting the room, and I drifted back down towards sleep- except this time the power stopped again after only a few seconds. And so I lay and drifted and wished we had tomorrow's cold instead of today's but maybe the freezer stuff will be OK, and slept and dreamt of waking to white noise and then really woke to silence and dark and so dozed again; and eventually really woke to real purr, at which I went fully back to sleep and dreamed daycare kids; and woke up finally at 11.

And that's where *that* day went.
Tags: rl_15

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