mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Live and learn

Was snoozing the snooze of the full-moon exhausted this evening when the phone rips me out of my nap. Scotiabank has pre-approved me for a card onaccounta my impeccable handling of the two they gave me a decade ago. Normally I say no thanks to these things, but they're offering 15,000 with no credit check, a plus in these underemployed days. So I said fine, she asks me the proper skill-testing questions, then leaves me to listen to "a message while I get your registration number." Message is recorded by fast-talking female voices and starts with 'annual interest rate of 19.9%, bumped up by 5% for not meeting minimum payments'; goes through a list of fees for anything you might ever want to do with a credit card, including using cheques and cash advances; and slips in 'fee for lack of purchases or payments within a twelve-month period.' Was tempted to just hang up but waited till she came back to indicate my sudden lack of interest.

Always did wonder what the scam was on these offers, and now I know.
Tags: rl

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