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Rejoice! My acupuncture studio is reopening mid-month. By which time… - Off the Cliff

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Tue Mar 3rd, 2015

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11:36 am
Rejoice! My acupuncture studio is reopening mid-month. By which time the extended forecast says the temps will be well above freezing so I might even be able to bike there. Maybe. Because there's still those ramparts of snow and ice that need to melt and stay melted.

Alan Garner is bipolar. He has a passage that spoke to me but also made me wonder.
I try never to be out of instant reach of a sympathetic mind. There is something of a joke in this. I am by nature a loner. I find my own company stimulating. I abhor cities, crowds and social gatherings. I sek the isolation of woods and hills. My work of necessary is isolate. Yet I try, when indoors especially, never to be out of reach of the safety that one human being, who need not be in the same room, secures.
I know the feeling, the security that comes of having another person nearby (is one reason I live next door to my bro and wife.) But I have to wonder how solitary introverts *find* these congenial souls willing to share a life and house with them. (Especially bipolars who occasionally spend two years lying on a sofa responding to nothing but their children's touch.) Sheer damned luck, I suppose, possibly helped by being a famous author.
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