mjj (flemmings) wrote,

He's a magic bag, Mama

I have a new magic bag! And because I take what's available, I have the neck and shoulder model, which I thought would be good for wrapping around my knee at night. In fact it's good for draping over the neck and shoulders; I may see how it works tonight, but unlike the other bags this one has ribbing which keeps the grains where you want them for the neck, but probably not for the knee.

I have two old MBs, a musty and annoying Extended from pre-Japan 1990 whose grains are never where one wants them; I should finally empty and throw it out. Have been making good use of my more recent Pad one (maybe post-Japan '96?), but after these last three months it now smells of scorched oatmeal. The instructions, which are bonkers, say to heat in 30 second increments, taking it out of the microwave for 5 seconds after each 30 secs to let it cool down, for up to two minutes; while I, natch, heat all-at-once for three and a half minutes, even if at 90%. This is why the oatmeal scorches. Even worse, my dollar store lavender scented bag also has begun smelling of scorch and not lavender, and now has actual burn marks on the cover. It was shaped like a small hot water bottle, with a velour cover; alas that whatever's inside (small shiny black bean-like things) tend to slip out and look like mouse poo. So I'm in the market for another lavender one, but possibly not the Magic Bag with the handles.

Of course the bean bag with the mostest is mvrdrk's, stuffed with rice, that heat up in a trice and stay heated. But they're too small for wrapping about knees and tend to get dislodged in the night. And um I really should empty and wash those too, but lacking a sewing machine I'm not sure if I could ever get them resewn into their original tightness, let alone if the decade-plus muslin would survive soap and water.

My doctor's next line of attack is to have my knee drained. I rather like the idea. I also like the idea that what's hurting my knee is *not* the sort of thing one can operate on, being a different kind of pain entirely. (The other knee might need it, somewhere down the line, but for the moment it doesn't do much lock-and-stab. May it stay that way.)

And gout meds still or weight loss or who knows what, but today I was suddenly able to do a quad stretch on the left leg and OMG did that feel **good**.
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