mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Merely to mention, after finishing eps 25-32 of 12 Kingdoms and then rewatching half of it again (palace politics and very confusing even with the helpful episode guide K-chan sent me)...

12 Kingdoms doesn't irk me nearly as much as Basara. But that's probably because I'm not reading the whole damned thing, wherein Youko doubtless gets to deal at length with the fact that The Guy I Love (maybe) Has Gone Bat-shit Crazy. 'Course, maybe she does in the anime, since such a thing is made of it. But the feel of the oeuvre is more (shudder) Tanaka than Tamura, though the most Tanaka bits are clearly elided in the anime. That's still one reason why I'll never read the novels. (The other, yes, is the names. My tolerance of Sinophilia in written Japanese is low, very low. Rare kanji are fine for Them Guys what study kanbun in high school, but me, I now know how other people felt about the Latin passages in The Name of the Rose.)
Tags: 12kingdoms, anime

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