mjj (flemmings) wrote,

This is one of those days when the phrase 'crippled by arthritis' is a literal statement of fact. Doctor has prescribed me a brief course of anti-gout meds which I'm leery of taking, given the scary warnings in the literature, the fact that they're known stomach rotters, and my already heart-burny state. Took one of the milder NSAIDs instead, which I'd told her did nothing at all: nor does it, ordinarily, because ordinary pain is from those weird spasming muscles. But it seems to have changed today's arthritis swelling from 'cannot walk on this/ weeping in pain' to 'am mobile/ occasional twinge.'

Also last time I was this bad, 48 hours got me to perfectly happy and flexible. But that was with the aid of acupuncture, bicycle and shoes, which at present I have none of and won't for at least another two weeks.
Tags: rl_15

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