mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The Daycare Gods did not permit me my day off yesterday. Someone put their back out so there was much shifting of shifts and in I went; and spent half the time, what else, shovelling snow. Came home and did it again. Around ten at night came a merry timble on the door and I limped downstairs to find a gaggle of teen boys with shovels, to whom I said No thanks, doubting their youthful enthusiasm would match my exacting standards of 'scraped bare to the concrete' removal. Regret it now, having seen how much fell yesterday evening, and is now being blown about by 55 km winds (35 mph). Shall get to it eventually before going in for the lunch shift.

Knees are to weep. But there's this thing called Robax heatwraps that friends gave me long ago for shoulders. They make kneewraps, only no one carries them, but the neck/ shoulders wraps fit just as well. Wore one yesterday and barely a twinge. So I'm at least set up for the day.

Blameless pastime of the last few days has been editing LJ tags so that rl gets below 400+, hopefully to the point where lj will show them all at skip=50. Reveals that my knees have always hurt, which I vaguely knew. The only difference this time is the persistence and the involvement of every other muscle and tendon in my legs. Clearly a problem I should have addressed decades ago and didn't.
Tags: rl_15

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