mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Today is dry and bikable. I went by work only to drop off my second copy of The Invisible Library for the geek daughter of one of the staff, a steampunk aficionado currently enrolled in library school. Her kind of book, I fancy. Babies did not need a third staff today and will not need one tomorrow. Consequently arranged shifts so that tomorrow when it snows I (theoretically) need not leave the house at all. And oh am I grateful, because knees know it's going to snow and have been unbendable all day in consequence.

(I have a sheaf of exercises from the internet and have been doing them to the best of my ability, except when they hurt too much. At this stage that mostly involves me clenching my butt a lot. "Almost everyone with knee pain has weak glutes." I'm sure.)
Tags: health, rl_15

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