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Problems and solutions - Off the Cliff

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Sun Jan 25th, 2015

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08:05 pm - Problems and solutions
Computer has been straining and groaning mightily every time I open a browser- Little Engine That Couldn't, as it were. Defragged hard drive for possibly first time in 6 years with little effect. Then discovered that new version of Malwarebytes installed this morning opens with Windows and presumably scans every page I open. Things are much quieter since I sent it off to 'come when I call and not before.'

Have reread the Parasol Protectorate out of order, finishing with Changeless: and discover Changeless doesn't tell you who tried to poison Alexia on the blimp. I suppose I could rereread the next one to find out, but feel there ought to be wikipedias for this.

Walked to the Other Cafe in bright dry sunshine. So glad I can walk, even though the ITB complained. Also two nights in a row my exercises make things worse, not better; suspect the culprit is a glutes exercise that, basically, my knees don't like at all. Must find another glutes exercise because now the knee has stopped biting so ferociously, the low back ache is what grinds me down. Bought a smaller thicker cushion yesterday to put between legs when sleeping because pillow isn't working; cushion half works but strengthening glutes would work better.

Little Girls last night who talk nonstop about their online games oh dear. Of course, ten years back it'd have been the current cartoon or kids' series, but Candy Crush is even narrower in scope than that. OTOH their preferred dinnertime watching is the LotR movies so I got to see another chunk of The Two Towers. I don't care for the movies in general, but watching them always gives me wonderful dreams.

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