mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Why I Will Never Have A Knee Replacement

One reason, at any rate:

Legs hurt, stretching helps, have been at it with the theraband several times a day at home, plus quad stretches and hamstring stretches whenever. (It amuses the babies to see me lying on my back with a leg in the air. They come and sit on my chest and drool in my face. No wonder I feel a bit kazegimi today.) Legs feel better for a bit but soon tighten up again. Last night came home from 11:30 to 8 day and did the 'no dammit I won't exercise, no I don't care if it will stop me hurting, no I don't care if my leg will bother me all night, I won't I won't I won't.'

This mindset does not bode well for a procedure that requires intense daily exercises afterwards.

Besides, she adds fecklessly, today is clear enough (if nowhere near warm enough) to wear shoes and bicycle in. Really must consider some new kind of boot: even doing laces up well below ankle doesn't give the ease of shoes. Right leg, that will knee-stab the minute a boot goes on, has been lamblike; left leg has been no worse than usual. Roll on shoe weather.

Then again, all this began when I was in shoes and bicycling. So back to the theraband it is...
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