mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I can live very happily without music. Yes, I know that makes me a freak, but no matter. Since I was 13 music has been what I zone out to, preferably on my back with my eyes closed, and the result is that the only thing I can do upright while listening to music is play solitaire. Anything that involves words- nope, forget it, even if it's classical and wordless. It's noise and it gets in the way.

Which means the only music I know well is 60's and 70's stuff, more of the former than the latter. I turned my radio off once and for all in 1980 and that's when music ends for me. (People talk about 80's music occasionally, and I wonder what they're on about. I was alive in the 80's- which is more than some of them can say- and music then was all punk rock. And Springsteen, but he started earlier.)

In my silent bubble I hear a song I like about once every two years. But when I like it, man do I like it. I'm currently in like with Franz Ferdinand's Eleanor Put Your Boots On. Nothing else by them sounds like anything but the noisiest sort of noise: but that one is a *song.*
Tags: music, rl

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