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Someone on somebody's friendslist stated my dilemma exactly. It went, more or less, like this: 'I do my best writing after midnight but I work. Hence I don't write very much.'

I have other prima donna issues. I want there to be absolutely nothing else happening in my life before I'll write. I want it to be a long weekend with an ice storm happening outside and no books I feel like reading and no videos to watch and nothing at all to do; and then, faute de mieux, I'll write. Because y'know, then there's no help for it, there's nothing else to do.

There's half a reason for that attitude. Most of my writing involves being in a hermetically sealed head space which requires time at least to get into, if nothing else. Also requires inspiration, but if I sit in the hermetically sealed space long enough inspiration, or desperation, will usually come. Whatever, it's not something I can do in odd ten minute bursts unless I know exactly what I'm going to write, and with the current stories I don't.

So. I want a vast wasteland of time. Don't have it. And I should remember that I used to insist on vast wastelands of time before I'd read Japanese for precisely similar reasons. Reading Japanese involves being in a semi-psychic head space where verbs are perfectly comprehensible without subjects or topics, and sentences are perfectly comprehensible without verbs, and passive causative verbs of giving attached to other verbs are a breeze because it's perfectly obvious who was allowed to receive the favour of having something done for them by someone else, and how would I ever think it might be the someone else being made to receive the favour of the speaker doing something for them? ha ha ha. Yes well, those days are gone, and I don't think verbs of giving /do/ get put into passive causative anyway, and I can read Japanese in ten minute bursts without having to put myself into a trance beforehand. Roll on the day that I can do the same for writing.

Meanwhile making Goujun icons is at least semi-inspiring, so I continue to do so. Thank you, mikeneko.
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