mjj (flemmings) wrote,

God rest ye merry, mundanites

A grey dry day, cool not cold: best of November and March but different from both. After presents and breakfast, in that order, I went for a walk along the quiet grey streets, wondering again why Christmas is emptier even than Sundays in this town. (Because local restaurants and cafes are closed, I guess, up here at the residential level, and people are visiting elsewhere.) Much like new Year's in Japan, and very soothing. Walked off my December fantods, that *will* hit even when there's no reason for them, and came home to pop Loblaw's pre-stuffed turkey breast in the oven. Only it was a chicken breast, as I *knew* from perusing the case the first time, but clearly Tuesday I wasn't thinking. Wild rice stuffing is chicken, cranberry stuffing is turkey. Oh well; if I want turkey there'll be more of it at the store tomorrow.

Then wrapped presents and sorted receipts for tax purposes and filled out my application for the Guaranteed Income Supplement which I may or may not get- they calculate income differently from the tax people and I'm a hair high; and was pleased to be able to put my hand on my 2013 return right where it ought to be. So that's all right. Now for drinks and turkey and merriment next door.

Also it's now 4:50 and I can still see the buildings out back. What a difference from the day before yesterday's louring rain, when it was darker than this at 3:30. But still- three days past solstice and already it stays light to 5?
Tags: rl_14, xmas

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