mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The aging body

So Monday at work my left knee began to hurt, and by Monday evening it was so sore I couldn't bend it. It's very difficult to bicycle when you can't bend your knee but I made it to my acupuncturist's somehow on Tuesday, who relieved the worst of the swelling. Today was largely and happily spent in more RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) ie lying in bed swathed in duvets and blankets with my knee resting on a couple of pillows while I reread Moon over Soho for ohh the fourth time? and *finally* got a handle on how the two plots intersect. Also made notes on a back page of who is who. Also remarked the two plot points that are picked up in Whispers Underground which I'd never noticed before in spite of, yanno, reading Moon over Soho again before I first read Whispers Underground. As a reader I have a truly swiss cheese mind.

Tonight is supposed to be a hairwashing night but I think I might be able to get up and down in a tub finally, and I'm dying for a long hot soak.
Tags: health, rivers, rl_14

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