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Five volumes into the Rivers of London series and I finally have the secret of How To Read Aaronovitch. (But that's only because the back story has gone far enough that I can now discern its outlines.) So: read once to see what happens, read again to separate the main plot from the back story stuff, read a third time to fix the back story in one's head, read a fourth to fix the main story in one's head (because by now I've forgotten it), and read a fifth and possibly sixth time to note all the dropped threads and throw-aways that may impact the action several books down the road. Like, any interaction with the rivers themselves. Because seriously, why's Lady Ty got it in for Peter so badly?

Also make a list of those bland and infinitely confusible English names that Nightingale hung out with during the war, with notes as to who they are. You'd think by now someone would have done this on wikipedia, she grumbles. But google David Mellenby and they first want to change it to Mellanby, and then present you with a page of fanfic selections.
Tags: reading_14, rivers

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