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Saying this will probably jinx it, but for the last however-long-it-is I've been in bed well before 11 and occasionally before 10. A dozen years ago 11 was when I *began* working, just for comparison purposes. The upshot of course is that I'm awake at what the world regards as a reasonable time and don't suffer unduly when I have 8:30 shifts, at least as long as I can bike. Upshot also is that I get to go to the Shaw coffee shop that opens at 7 and have a latte and croissant in the bright empty white-and-concrete of the place. The early morning sky is the nostalgic bumpy cobalt and grey of so many airports in so many European cities, way-too-early flights from Amsterdam or London or, even farther back, Bordeaux; and the world seems a larger and different place. (Early morning airports to and from Japan had different kinds of skies even if the season was still the same.)

I like this season, actually: the dry early winter before snow. A certain timelessness to the subsiding leaf piles, ground to powder in the gutters (sometimes; and sometimes frozen lumps in the middle of the street) and the tidily or not so tidily raked yards, and the uniform grey, a designer colour that doesn't yet depress. Add precipitation and it depresses in spades, of course; but dry it references Tokyo and (for no good reason) the archetypal Japan-reading December of 1985, one of the happier periods in my life.

Something I don't get: in books someone has the shock of seeing someone who looks 'just like them' and everyone says 'Are you sure you're not twins?' and there's talk of doppelgangers and so on. But if you see someone who looks just like yourself-- someone with your face-- other people won't see the resemblance: because for 99% of the human race 'my face' is the one they see reversed in mirrors. That's one reason why your own photograph looks so weird: '*that*'s not me.' (The colours and the camera weight gain are the others. My face in the mirror doesn't have red blotches; my face in photographs always does.) Others seeing your mirror face will have the same odd sense of 'that looks familiar but it isn't her' that you get from seeing photographs of yourself. So the schtick in my current reading is something I will take with a bit of scepticism.
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