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mikeneko has kindly gifted me with another year of lj and 85 more userpics. Prepare to be inundated.

Serendip today. I erranded downtown like a good girl, got my latest Animage, got talked into renting the first eps of Densha Otoko, which is fine except I had to pay a deposit to do so, walked my requisite 45 minutes back up to Bloor, found restaurants all crowded with merry holiday makers and said screw it, I shall go up to my local greasy spoon and have pancakes. Got on bicycle and did just that. Greasy spoon had the S'day papers spread about and as I waited for my order I picked up a section 'Looking for last minute gifts under $10?'--

--and there by God it was. The Perfect Gift. I should have dropped a ten on the table and rushed out then and there over to Yorkville (an end of town that has *nothing* under $10 except when it does.) But instead I ate my pancakes and then peddled over, confident that nobody else except my friends could possibly be interested in The Perfect Gift. I was wrong. The exquisitely attired (and friendly) lady in the exquisitely appointed store was able to find me the very last of The Perfect Gift. They will be ordering more in January. That is when you all will be getting your Perfect Gifts. Sorry. But in the meantime I hope you all have a good holiday tomorrow or next week or whenever.

(And I forgot to go round the corner to The Last Woundup to see if they have the penguins who bounce up the plastic stairs, going Erk-a-yerk-a-yerk-a yerk!!, before sliding down the plastic slide and starting up the stairs again, with which to enthrall my twins, because nothing enthralls my twins except Baby Bach from which I've acquired an awful earworm. If you must earworm Bach isn't bad, but...)
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