mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Managed to finish Angela Carter's Wise Children the other day, another 'drag you in and drown you' book but a lot more cheerful than Tana French. Alas that it's so clearly a fantasy, because genki 75 year old women romping about with centenarians makes for a happy read: but for RL purposes it's up there with Genghis Cohen. Pipedream, no more. Certainly 100 year old men had better not be carrying three month old twins about in their overcoat pockets for any reason. The twins are not likely to survive.

You may surmise that I have no idea what Carter was doing in this book, aside from having lots of fun with Shakespeare. So I had lots of fun too, but the higher litcrit aspects I leave to Goodreads.
Tags: pratchett, reading_14

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