mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy Things

incandescens, the book arrived! Thank you so much. Mind, I can't read a word of the dedication except my name, but I now have Aaronovitch's signature on a book I own, which makes me feel all kinds of special.

Loblaws now has crumpets again. I don't know why these were totally unfindable for so many months, and I gorge on them in case they become unfindable again. Crumpets and butter and strawberry jam: yum. (And tea, if you don't have to be up early which I do. Which is also why I fight the urge to start the Aaronovitch.)

Weekend before last wandered into a dollar store and found, 9-nen-buri-ni, flannel sleep pants that fit. Is good because the survivor of the pair I bought in '05 is growing thin and worn. Might toss the ones I bought two years ago which aren't proper flannel and have never fit; but then I'd lose ten or fifteen pounds and they would. No matter: for now my nether limbs are toasty warm in bed again.

(Woke this morning to a house that was comfortable. And well it should be, because it was 12C outside. Rose to balmy Indian summer heights and then, as ever this perverse year, temps nose-dived in the wake of hurricane 55 mph/ 90 kph wind gusts. Hope no tree branches bring down power lines tonight.)
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