mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Watched a few more eps of Otogizoushi last night. Quite aside from the unfortunate choice of voice actors-- the two major male leads grate on me hideously, and only Miki Shin'ichi is worth listening to, but natch-- I find an unplaceable sense of oppression and iya da! in the thing. It ran in late 2004 and I got eps from Katchan usually a month or six weeks later: and I fancy that's what I was watching in the wake of the tsunami, which would explain the yuckies I associate with it.

Finished something called The Tibetan Book of Meditation which of course is not by a Tibetan but by 'Lama Christie McNally.' It has the virtue, if it is, of presenting doctrine straight, not elided for westerners as other western presenters do to some extent. So everything that happens, and that means *everything*, is because of karma. It snowed on me today because of something I did once; I'm myopic because of something I did once; I'm solvent because of something I did once. And the reason Americans are wealthy and prosperous, and Mexicans are not? 'Once upon a time the Americans did something wonderful and generous, and the Mexicans didn't.' Uh yeah. Sure.
Tags: anime, religion

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