mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Two gakkaris and a Wow!

1. Am given to understand that Royall Tyler translated Genji without using the usual sobriquets (like, yanno, 'Genji'.) Always wanted to see how that worked in English, or if it worked, but was reluctant to fork out for the full text. (There's one available on ebay for about $30 Canuck, plus $23C shipping. Truly, even a 1200 page paperback doesn't cost that much to send up here.) Discover there's an abridged version available at BMV and cop it for a fast $7 plus tax. Then discover that the abridged version uses the sobriquets.

(I know the word as 'soubriquet', and I assure you I haven't been reading 17th century French either. But the net is unanimous that the correct form is sobriquet.)

2. S-i-l said she put on a bracelet the other day to go to the ballet and found all her achy pains vanishing. Copper bracelet, as it turned out. Ah! *I* have a copper bracelet, the purportedly medical kind, that I keep forgetting to wear. Shall give it another go.

Bracelet is not to be found. Evidently I concluded years back that it didn't work for me and put it out on the boulevard.

3. Sat the Little Girls last night, then took my moolah from the gig to the 24-hour-store in search of Montreal bagels and marmalade. No bagels left except the onion ones (feh) so went to jam section and saw they also have Wowbutter. Wowbutter tastes like peanut butter- specifically, the PB of my childhood- but is made from (I think) soybeans. We use it at work. I vaguely recall that it *doesn't* work for peanut sauces, but otherwise is more satisfactory than real PB, which is either bland (commercial) or dry (organic). So bought that and commercial marmalade and made a sandwich with rye bread when home. And the Wowbutter is crunchy Wowbutter, that I didn't know existed, and my desires are now all filled.

Well, almost all. I'm still looking for bacon that tastes like the bacon of my childhood. Restaurants have it; Fiesta Farms evidently does not.

Continues to snow: we are to expect accumulations this week. Deep sigh: 1997, 2002, 2007, 2014; years of early winter. And I have lost one of my fleecy mitts. Lost it last spring on a cold April Saturday IIRC: had two going into the supermarket and only one going out. Yes I still have the woolen ones from the late 80s, I think; but the fleecies were more discreet and elegant. Wimpy me needs to double bag hands even when the temps are only at freezing: the Thinsulates no longer suffice to keep fingers happy.
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