mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The yellow or russet leaves under the streetlights are still beautiful, especially those individual trees that are still full. Will not last much longer but lovely while it does.

I think I may have developed a late-life case of winter SAD (have always had the summer one) or maybe it's just the 'so cold so soon' inducing the hibernation urge. Yesterday's grey and snow showers had me shivering and feeling tired by 9:30. Today's sunshine was more invigorating- hey, I can bike without gloves!- until the clouds rolled in again and the wind picked up and then 'so cold so cold so cold!!' Environment Canada informs me that on this date in 1997 we had several inches of snow, which I vaguely remember, but I don't recall any depression or low energy accompanying it: just that it made shopping for Japan more difficult when I couldn't bicycle.

Maybe I should invest in some grow-lights. Light boxes are just too bloody expensive to be considered.

Meanwhile someone at work is going to Japan for ten days. 'I'll be staying in Mitaka but meeting my friend in Shinjuku.' O jours si pleins d'appas, vous êtes disparus. All I can do is pass on my dated wisdom ('the orange train is always crowded, the yellow one will get you there slower but a bit more pleasantly'; 'if you use Shinjuku station's west exit, get yourself above ground as soon as possible, because space warps in that region'.) 'Yes,' H says, 'my friend told me Shinjuku eats foreigners.'
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