mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Virtue unrewarded

Was in depressive don'wanna funk all weekend. Pulled myself out of it Monday morning. Phoned the tree service, to discover that the one I want doesn't work west of Bathurst. 'Only the oldest of moneyed Annex trees for us!' was my subtextual reading. Second choice gets me cheerful English voice who will try to come by Wednesday morning. Well, so far so good.

Called gas subsidiary about replacing twenty year old water tank. (They say. I say 25: why would my water tank have been replaced in '94, 5 years after the new one? But I wasn't here; so fine, 20 years.) Go through the menues; get put on hold forever; speak finally to salesperson who asks me a dozen questions to prove I'm me and then waits while slow computer accepts my answers; finally get to tell her 'new water heater'. Right, let me transfer you to the heater dep't and here's a client number so you don't have to answer all these questions again. Sit on hold; get salesperson who starts asking me identifying questions. 'This is my client number', 'That's fine but I still have to ask you the identifying questions.' (There are reasons why I try not to deal with Direct Energy, and them grossly overbilling me for fifteen years is one, and them being illiterate is another- 'Your ductwork is overdue for it's cleaning.') So- water heater. Yes we can replace, and of course the new one will cost you nothing, and the installation will cost you nothing, but just so you know, in 2010 the gov't passed legislation requiring all ventwork to be up to code, so we'll assess the state of your ventwork and upgrade it, and it usually comes to about $130.

And I will get back to you after I find out how much my tree will cost me.

Then started vacuuming bedroom, and was emptying rapidly filled tank when the phone rang from work: and I have been working ever since and no longer feel like vacuuming at all.

Mindfulness helps you recover from cancer. Mindfulness alas is not working for me at all these days. The appointment today that I was sure I cancelled online y'day morning does not register as cancelled on the wp, and I must pay for it when I go to my new app't Thursday.
Tags: health, religion, rl_14

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