mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Here we go again

Oh buggrit, LJ. Just when I thought you might have your act together. Four years later you suddenly give me LJtimes, an annoying task bar at the bottom of the screen devised for users of cyrillic services. I'm not opted in to cyrillic; I've never been opted in; and there it is and I can't find a way to make it disappear. And I'm sure it's because I use the older Lj layout/ form that makes other LJ idiocies not appear.

(If I log out I get hit instead with Top LJ telling me Stan Lee is on LJ. Also the login option disappears from people's profile pages. When I find it again by googling it's in Japanese. Am periodically reminded why Dreamwidth exists.)

ETA: ah, thank you, Friends' FL. The Stan Lee thingy and how to remove it is explained here. As I thought, because I'm in Old Style I don't have a Bottom information strip opt-out on that page, but in the meantime the cyrillic idiocy has vanished, thank god.
Tags: lj

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