mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ninety minute dental appointment to repair two fillings left me zombified for the rest of the day. Have become a wimp in my old age, or else the perennial drip-and-hack acts like vampires sucking out my vital fluids. Truly it was no different a dozen years ago; was actually rather worse, since no one could mistake this current drip for asthma.

Bed earlyish last night but woke several times from dreams of looking at my clock to find it was 10:15 (appt was 9:45.) Clocks were located in dreamTokyo, which was partly how I knew, dreaming, that this wasn't true. DreamTokyo for once was a comprehensible expression of archetypal Tokyo, instead of utter randomosity: eg the people living in wooden crates along the alleyway I walked were a dream-reflection of Japanese living in their mokuzou buildings in the early 90s and also a concretization of Japanese living in their societal 'boxes.'

Even in the weirdly warm temperatures and with unruly wind and spotty rain, Toronto is still an old gold harmony with maroon and crimson notes. A consolation when one aches in joint and jaw, and must also work a full shift tomorrow.
Tags: dreams, japan, rl_14

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