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Seasonal Festivities

FB has the use of at least alerting me to my sister's social doings before they happen, so this morning I bicycled up to her church's fall fair to check it out. The usual fall fair stuff available, but not alas those useful handicrafted thingies I can only find at church fairs, like booties and fabric glasses cases and individual cards. Weighed getting Iain Banks' Wasp Factory from the used books section but decided against it: my mood has been tending to apocalyptic and Banks never helps. To show willing, put my bid in for a silent auction item that I don't really want and evidently didn't get; bought a package of sugar cookies but not the pie I was tempted by, and a package of maple-something cheese for next door, and some wretched indulgence which I will talk more about below.

There's a civic election Monday and my ward has an over-abundance of candidates for City Council, to say nothing of the school board. Thus for the last month I've been under phone siege by robot survey takers and pre-recorded campaign messages from the major mayoral candidates- though not Ford frere, and a good thing too- and house siege by the hordes of genki canvassers ringing my doorbell and occasionally banging on the screen door if I don't limp down the stairs fast enough for their tastes. (I bang the screen door back at them, wordlessly, and close the inner door in the face of their surprised apologies.)

So when the bell rang Tuesday night I ignored it, though I did think 'That's a very polite bell-push, sounds like my garage renter but it's too early for him'; ignored it when it politely rang again though I wondered 'Maybe Vince needs to talk to me?'; heard next door's bell ring, and thought 'Right, canvassers, good thing I didn't go down.' But then came a distinctly un-adult voice from next door's porch, and I got myself down the stairs as fast as I could. Because it was indeed J-down-the-street and Mom, a little late this year, selling those chocolate mint Girl Guide cookies they only sell in the fall.

Necessarily abstemious, it took me to today to finish the box. (Full shameful disclosure: last year's went overnight.) So of course I had to buy more when I encountered a table of them at the church fair. Two boxes, and one will really, no *really*, go to work on Monday-- right after I vote at the Jesus Is Lord jamboree centre down Christie.
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