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Progress of a sort - Off the Cliff

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Sat Oct 18th, 2014

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09:43 pm - Progress of a sort
A modicum of clarity returns to the zombified brane, and the thrice-damnable concrete shoulder ache eases off, even as the mucous production goes into overdrive. Ten days on this jobbie and counting, even if it never reached the true sodden sponge stage (and we shall pray it doesn't.) Saline rinse has saved my life though I must use double the usual amounts. Shall hope the weekend makes up for the early morning risings of Thursday and Friday: not lack of sleep, because I slept eight or ten hours both nights. But as ever, that indulgence was cancelled out by forced awakenings and the occasional ten hour day.

Hope to be recovered for Ghibli's Kaguya-hime tomorrow, since I already have a ticket to the thing. Will not be able to bicycle there (truly, why must the Lightbox be down on King among the condo construction?) on account of Dark and Coldness, to say nothing of condo construction closing lanes and tearing up sidewalks. And of course afternoon matinees are dubbed.

Whatever else I did this week, laundry was not a part of it, so today I laundered. The temps dipping towards 0C mean I can fling everything over the lines in the furnace room, which is a great relief. Whatever else I did this week, eating dinner at home was not a part of it either, so I turned Monday's turban squash into squash and apple soup, or potage, or stodge, whichever. I see why people in Japan use squash to make their pseudo-pumpkin pies.

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