mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Horticultural puzzle

Spent an hour or so online with tree finders, trying to identify the pumpkin trees that grow all over the Annex and Seaton Village and the university. 'Narrow leaves, compound, alternate'-- and getting suggestions ranging from locust trees to Japanese pagoda trees, only the leaves are always different. Staff at work finally says it's a mountain ash of some description. Me, I don't remember the TO ones ever having fruit (rowan trees do, yes) but as wikipedia says, it's a highly variable species. Presumably the trees selected by Parks and Rec to plant on boulevards are fruitless for a reason. Or maybe they simply aren't mountain ashes.

Same staff said there was a mountain ash at our old daycare that the pre-schoolers called the piss tree because that's what it smelled like. I know there are stinky trees around-- lindens for sure-- but I never noticed the pumpkin trees smelling at all.
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